What are the Entry Requirements for the Dominican Republic ?  
Entry into the Dominican Republic requires at least a valid Passport and/or a Tourist Visa depending on your nationality. Requirements do change often so make sure to check everything with your travel agent before departure. Some flights will include the Tourist Visa in the cost of your ticket. If yours does not, you will have to purchase one upon your arrival for US$10 (travelers checks and credit cards are not accepted). Minimal information about yourself and your visit is required and you will be provided with a copy of this form to give back to Customs & Immigration when you depart the country.

What is the local language ?
Spanish, but English is spoken in tourist areas.

Any Vaccination or Drugs requirements ? 
No. There is nothing unusual to report besides common diseases in the tropics due to mosquitoes, so remember to put bug repellent against these critters at night…

What is the Electricity Norm ?
Dominican Republic follows American standard of voltage (110 volt).  However, it is not a problem here as you can find an american adaptor at most local stores at a ridiculously cheap price.

Can I find Wifi Spots easily ? 
Internet wifi, internet cafe …. you will find connection everywhere in Cabarete.
Besides, you will have your private Wifi connection in your condo at Ocean Dream.

Can I use my phone in cabarete ?
Yes. If you stay long term, you can also buy a local Sim card with or without Data for only 100 DOP.
The dialling code for Cabarete is: +1 (809) + local number.

What is the local currency ?
The official currency is the Dominican Peso, but the US Dollar is accepted in almost all the shops. If you come from Europe the best advice is to convert your Euros here locally.  The exchange rate will be cheaper and you will exchange currency according to your needs.You can also withdraw pesos from ATMs with your credit cards at favorable rates (Check with your bank fixed costs and for bank alliances). At the same time, you should not pay merchants by credit card due to frequently added taxes… the best way of payment is cash.
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How is the cost of Living ?
Everything is generally cheap in Cabarete.
You can eat at the restaurant as much as you want, given a restaurant meal including a drink generally ranges from 150 DOP to 600 DOP (i.e. only 4US$ to 15US$!)
You can also enjoy a 1 hour massage for only 800 DOP or 20$, or an haircut for only 8-10US$